“I got up every day for 30 years. I tried to keep doing things over and over and over and it led me somewhere. If I keep getting up for another 30 years I’ll be 60 and will retire and likely sit there and wonder about what I just spent 60 years doing. After wondering what I was doing for 60 years for 30 years I’ll be 90 years old and wondering what I should do now. We live in the future now and I guess that’s whats going on when I’m 90. My intention was always to make it to 100 so I guess I better keep going.”

Alexander Norton is an artist working with various mediums. She works with notions of existing in human spaces through Performance, Photography, Every day Sculpture, Illustration, Poetry, Curation, Experimental Music and Comedy. She aims to create a tension with her work to focus on small details that claim the mundane as fascinating and important.

She has worked with / for VOLKSBÜHNE, Centrum, Diffusion Festival, Arts of the Working Class, Kreuzberg Pavillion / Project Space Festival Berlin, Paper-Journal, Cold Lips, YET Magazine, EX GIRLFRIEND Gallery, FU Review, The Fake Art, Weserhalle, Wechsel.n, Cryptomnesia (Cashmere Radio) and Vorspiel - Berlin.

She runs and curates The Künstlaa * inn, a platform for artists to make money from their art and develop their work without fear of failure.


Please refer to me with she / her when contacting