Alex still loves working           


 Photographs from the book,
 “This is a Coffee Table book”, 2021

When domestic items are covered and separated from their intention they become ideas.

Likewise to the sensation of opening a present (gift), the sense of unbounded possibilities are present until opened, relinquishing disapointment. The item is discarded swiftly after opening and its intention is to take its course. When an item is memorialized and created into a new intention it summons new sensations. This object now has been fossilized and is not rendered as intended, but instead, it lives. With water in its stomach and veins running through its plasticity, this object represents new beginnings, re, the intention of being. It also opened up a new way of sculpture for myself. I felt as though I am inadequate as a sculptor due to lack of education in this topic, yet my fascination with mundane and objectively boring subjects is able to revive such object as living, through friendship. I believe we can be friends with objects, despite their inability to move, speak or mention to us we are friends. I believe objects can teach us a lot.

When a domestic space can be created that fuses with the combinations of use and the useless we board the line between living and art. An object that means nothing to us once empty, can be revived when crossed over to the art world’s vision. If we make a room a work of art, is it useful to exist within? If we are able to exist within it, are we still within art? 

These questions are at the root of the project. For when we are babies, the object when out of sight is non existent, but when presented with a shadow of itself, in intention, it is something else and we would not treat it the same. In its useless value, it becomes invaluable and worth looking at. The object is forever memorialized and unable to live a life, but at the same time, entirely alive, because people finally care enough to look at it. We will not throw away the glass cleaner anymore, because it is now considered “art”.