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The Fast and the Furious Fanclub bible (595 pages copied and pasted from can be found here and the official Fanclub can be found here

The Fast and the Furious Fan club is a project initiated by toxic masculinity influences from media growing up. I was told this film was good because it had cars and women, two things I was told to love. I did love these things but without the super “macho” misogyny vibes.

This is a performance of mass and volume. A piece of work that comments on the absurd and will of why it exists as an object, why I took the time and money to do it, and in part, it forms a performance which goes one further. Me and a team of people will read and perform every Fast and the Furious script (excluding Tokyo Drift because it doesn’t star Vin Diesel) in one go, 550 pages of pure absurdity, discussing family, issues of misogyny and fast cars.

This piece and performance is a recontextualisation of the influenced world and what it means to be raised by toxic muscle men in cars, racing and evading the police, to driving helicopters with obscure characters no one knows about. They ride and die together and this idea dies here.