LaI have designed promotional material for Lavender Girl’s Debut album I (we) stay awake and draw lines on (our) faces, the new Künstler, Künstlerin (The Künstlaa* inn) redesign and the film poster for Wheres Ja’s first short film production FORE including all titles used in the film and the poster itself. I also redesigned their logo for the release of the film.

Here are the examples:

Lavender Girl
I (we) stay awake and draw lines on (our) faces

The Künstlaa* inn’s new logo plus figure who is the face of the organization now

Promotional poster for the new events coming soon for their Vorspiel participation in 2023

Wheres Ja productions logo redesign

A debut film by Alexander Norton & Wheres Ja productions

Title for the film FORE

Titles for the film’s sections