I have a range of designing experience, from poster design, logo design and website portfolios. A range of works I have made over the past 5 years are for the organization Künstler, Künstlerin (The Künstla* inn). I have also designed their logos and headed their rebranding for the year 2023.

Here are a few examples:

Where are we going? w Jonas Ersland

Mütter (Mother) with Mina Büker
Make work about Mothers

Important Artist Conversation 01
Friction between Living things at Weserhalle

Grüne (Green)
Make work about the Colour Green

a soft slap w Arantxa Ciafrino
Curated by myself and Sophie Mak-Schram

How long is Forever 13
Saddiq Abubakar

Baby Monster: Origins
For their event at Silent Green as part of the Vorspiel Opening night

Indifferent Frequencies w Ncube, Jemima Foxtrot, Sara Lovering and Lou (isa)

Are Ghosts real? w Anto Christ, Ian Memgard, Dayna Gross and Jasmine

How long is Forever 28
(as part of their redesign for the new year)

COOL & SO COOL, their most recent events and the last two events of 2022