Alex still loves working           


Hi, my name is Alex

Volcanos are spots on skin
The ground, land mass
Seeps within the skin of soil
As bleed

And fed plants live off the blood of the seed
I’ll sit
And volcano magma, comes all over our bodies

You are inclined on an incline
A hill
Can you feel the skin stretch when you extend the leg up a hill
Machine, a friend of hers

Everything you have
I want to

I have this
But I want yours
But if you have mine
Then I’ll want it back

An English girl says party
With all syllables

She is leaving
But claims a great, party, all the same

Naked lake
Is spelt,

Space among
Atom columbine
And harvest a seed
To produce plant based leaf products

They make a face
A facial idea
Faculties will tell you
~ this will be useful


Skin produces great
The more great skin you have
The more it continues



The basis of aesthetical
Based upon learnt grammar

Grandmas say
Once the time is passed
You are eventually dead


Tortoise, walked
Turtles swam
Only because a second s came along to inspire

Turtles swam You see, s
Implies a swam


When my brother lay down
All their organs unraveled
Pieces of his mind.
Uncover your desperate sadness


People hire me to fix their internet
I have a few methods of repair
In the beginning I turn it on and off
After that
I’ll unplug it and press the reboot button If this is not successful

I will come back another day


I am the wood carpenter
I make things from wood
I wake up
And pack away my wood for the day

Someone told me to print business cards
They should read as follows
I am the wood carpenter

I make things from wood

To hit your own head
Does not achieve
Will you dump your own body into a shallow river
To swim

Is a leaf alouf

Is the ink here
The day toner is needed
We need to print those boring
“Sorry for pause”

I saw a man sat on the grass
I said
What’s your name

He replied
My first name is homeless
Second name is man

Swimming pool

I wake up naked to an open door
Bone dry
And sweat is dripping from
Uterus expansion
Expanding in a tangle tie
Your hair so
Your hair so full
Inside my eye in yours
You are my eye
You are the


I go to the naked beaches
And look at the people


I said to the bike thief
You can steal my bike
In fact, you can have it
I don’t need it anymore

I said to the bike thief
I don’t want you to have to steal my bike

Rain is a sign of relief
Jesus the party saviour

A man reads his messages
Doesn’t reply and throws his phone into the bush beside him
He goes home and packs his bag
Heads out of his house and leaves the key on the side

He never returns to his house
Never replies to those messages
He doesn’t exist
Free from everywhere

Abrupt ends,
Do not allow
I cannot

Interigation of five year plans
*you make me smile, wink face, emotional smile gaze

        what will your grand

Money speaking
Pass it, then

Share a little of the titilation that you suffice

Subjective, oh you

Is a colour in
A colour for wald

Red shirt Walking
Found under scorched sun
Leave with you
And I
For a walding forest
In leaf

Aligned, x versus something
Why is the chromosome out there to get you always
They have fixed class. Finish