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In rural Germany, Aggelos visits his father, Ted, to play golf after a decade of separation. An unfortunate turn of events instigates him to deal with his relationship with his father physically and mentally due to unforeseen circumstances. With unconventional guidance from the mysterious golfing boyband consisting of Misha, Wolfgang, Kurt and Jeff he discovers the oddly compelling life of Ted that he never got to find out.

FORE: What makes an Independent film?

In her debut film, Alexander Norton explores the possibilities of masculinity within the confines of its own structure. As a transgender director, she focuses her attention on a particular lens of her past life, altering memories to create another reality from the original pieces. Using golf as a catylist, the overarching theme of queer perspectives on expected masculinities opens up the discourse with a 120 minute venture into “What makes an independent film?”.

The first screening and program at Moviemento, Berlin also included a short film made in 1997 starring herself and her father in a disappearing act that mirrors the same occurrence later in her life. To delve further into the perspective of independent film making a behind the scenes film was shown, followed by a Q&A format which will delved into the themes from the films shown to allow for further dialogues around queer masculinities and masculine role model expectation within family structures.

You can purchase the entire collection of films containing the following film materials all in one 4K file for 5 euros


30 minute short film

Alexander the Magician

8 minute short film

Behind the Scenes

32 minute film



Constantinos Adraktas
plays Aggelos

Theodore Berglund
plays Ted

Wolfgang Friedrich Winkelsen
plays Wolfgang

Angel Hafermaas
plays Kurt

Max Weiland
plays Misha

Sanford Wintersberger
plays Jeff


Alexander Nicholas Norton

Joseph Devitt Tremblay
DOP - Edition

Beate Björkengren
Producer - Script Superviser

Sanford Wintersberger
On site Sound / Played Jeff

Ashiq Jahan Khondker
Edition - Sound

Bethany Barrett

Jaike Stambach
Sound Mastering

Tamer Al Fares
VFX and Colour

Elvo Axt
Behind the scenes documentation

Gabriel Pedrosa Dorronsoro
Soundtrack Artist

Ian Memgard
Soundtrack Artist

Fred Gehrig
Behind the scenes of the screening

Tamukanashe Anthony Musengezi
Photographer of the screening

During the Behind the Scenes on the 18.01.24 at Moviemento

Alexander NortonDirector / Script writer / Casting / Producer

From right to left: Joseph Devitt Tremblay (DOP / Edition / Producer), Bethany Barrett (Soundtrack), Alexander Norton (Director / Script writer / Casting / Producer), Sanford Wintersberger (Plays Jeff / On site sound), Wolfgang Friedrich Winkelsen (Plays Wolfgang / Producer), Angel Hafermaas (Plays Kurt)

Photo Documentation: Tamukanashe Anthony Musengezi

The production of the film is in association with Wheres Ja Productions, The Künstlaa * inn, Mahlow Golf Course, Wansee Perle Boat hire.