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Blue Moon

In the light of the full crescent moon, the blue people came from the wings of wandered branches, out of their hidden homes to enter the open fields. With water on their backs, crunching branches as they walked, they were headed out to witness the first rising of the second sun. A sun they witnessed every four quintet’s. A quintet for a blue person was a one hundredth of their existence, as the blue children waved their arms in euphoric motion and the adults clung onto the toes of the Eutopian children.

Distances further the sea surpassed the river in seminal desires. As water gently slapped one other in wind based motions. Two blue people heard the excitement from above their heads. Looking back, they saw the sounds of charming people, drenched in their blue skin as they slowly lifted their legs up and down on the seas edge. Silently, she spoke, “are you”

With quintet motion the other stood to cover a guard over her face and silently held their hand on the side of the silent being. A single tear slipped from outer edge of the eye and contemplated a settle in a few months time. With settle came a chance to create, another being to be present in their environment. It presented a chance for them to be cloned and share a name across all who said of them.

They sat silently, waves passing through them as they United with the sea above, below and inside. The land they stepped on was blue, blue the colour they would see to, and the second sun. This was a night of conception, as he looked down to her small, petite stomach and felt the water gauge his hand, softly, without pressure. A sound came from their stomach and as both tears fell, the cores they owned were descending past the miracle seeing. A mirage, a memory, a time.

He spoke, louder this time.

“You are light”

As they looked up and saw his eyes press against her, their hearts created a second heart that existed as one. They opened their mouth and light poured out the outer edges. Their heart rate rested. They say their with their mouths open as the moths sat on their shoulders. As heat sizzled and claimed their bodies, their belly manouvered around one another creating serial swirls of lines that descended past their being. Environments around them shook. Leaves passed them and they began to lift and hover entirely, one foot at a time. One time a place, a palace of people, all blue, delighted in their intent.

Emerging soon from the stomach, now lying flat, they stopped their light and his eyes regained a conscious nature. He shifted his hands to her vagina opening. The light had transferred to the opening between their legs as a small circle came from either side. The sound, now louder, rang through without a muffling that set it aside earlier. They took his hands away and they pushed. She pushed. She presented an opening and the casing surrounding the being subsided. She pushed and pushed and hands from her side body, breasts and mind captured the capsule as it presented itself out of line that sat between her legs.

Water rushed out of her like a deflated balloon that rose too high, up to the shadows of time. The moon and this capsule communicated and spoke. Hovering just above her hands, the male simply sat there and looked at her, now becoming unstuck and resumed their roles as individual beings. The capsule now glowed and lifted upon her palms. She was now, aline with a washed sensation of disintegrated shells that crumbled in her finger tips.

The sounds were calm, as the moon quietly sat and reduced in size, gave a shy glance and moved across the pale blue sky. Lifting less, the being broke free from their outer casing and sat, delicately in her hand. He looked at her. She looked at the being. She looked at the tiny details on her toes and swam, through the beings body to check for an identified sex. He sat there, silent and waiting for her return.

As she swam she saw the organism in a closer detail. Her toes were dancing with the tickled sensations her new being displayed. She was looking for something, a sense that she knew, there was no defined. She knew but she had to check. “The moon had me fooled” she fled.

“This whole time I felt a girl was who I needed. But this being shows no signs of any identified gender”

Scurrying through the midst of blue wires, connecting the pressure point rested on her breast heavy. Overwhelmed and worked out in her skin, seeping water inked her second finger ~ one from the left. The ink was black.

“Funny” she pondered

“The ink has always been blue here, yet this being seems to be an array of colours”

Jaunting lastly paralyzing her, she failed to untie her self as the branches stemmed to the human surpassed through her, she was choking, slowly but loudly in her mind. “What more” she spoke

Wrestling a trailing wire, she scattered past and headed towards the opening light that descended to her mind, slow in time and presence. A light so calm and beautiful she felt an ever present silence in her entire aching body.

Sapping light drew the energy from her face and she untied her self and swam up. She swam and swam and swam and swam. And as submerged water, she was the water of being. She was the water of life. She awoke as the water left her, silently breathing slowly. The sun kissed her skin, the second sun.

He heaved and pulled her up. He touched her cheek and whispered, “What happened? Are you safe my one?”

She opens her eyes in stages, red in physicality, now changing a lot.

She silently looked at him, a single tear passing her eyes.

“They have no gender” she replied

“And she has gone now. My last hope, and we, now are forever changed as black and red enter our minds, once more”.