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"Achievement II" is a performance using the "real time" space to consider the fabrication of reality. The series focuses on human fascination with being listened to from the perspective of ego. The background of the human comes into play when considering the space and how to use it.

When invited to perform at Volksbühne for "Blood of a Poet III", curated by Danielle de Picciot, I genuinely didn't know the main stage at Volksbühne. I googled the space and thought "woah, thats quite big". The resulting work came from the reactions I received when I told peers about the event. This space was apparently important and I was preparing for a "career defining" moment, yet I had no concept of the importance. The notion of considering my own position within this narrative opened up a dialogue where I genuinely felt as though I had made it and upon reflection, in some senses, I have through this performance. What this means is another thing.